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Hello DRC Theater Lover,

First of all, we hope that you are healthy, able to mask, and holding it all together. We on the board love drama but 2020 was a little too dramatic even for us. We miss you and we CANNOT WAIT to get back to work. We talk about it all the time. That being said after much handwringing, brainstorming, and howling at the moon we have chosen to delay our 20-21 season.

We say delay because that means we WILL DO IT...just not right now.

We could not find a way to produce theater the way we love it- sitting next to strangers, drinking those tiny bottles of water, sharing a communal moment that exists only for the people in that room, live, and lovingly in your face. We talked about zooming, we talked about wrapping the actors in saran wrap and doing it on Keith's front lawn. We just couldn't come up with a way to do it safely. But when we really boiled it down the theater that DRC is all about is...intimate and intimacy involves trust and proximity. So we will do something that we are not good at which is to have some dang patience.

Looking towards the future we will be back with our kick-butt 21-22 season! I mean we already bought the scripts people.

From George Brant the award-winning playwright of Elephant's Graveyard, comes the story of an ace fighter pilot whose career in the sky is ended early due to an unexpected pregnancy.

An Intervention
Mike Bartlett's play takes a provocative look at friendship, its responsibilities, and the roles it forces us to play.

The Crucible a large cast co-production with Portland Stage will hopefully be in the mix as well.

Until then Lynne Connor's world premiere of "The Mother" which was in the middle of its run when the world shut down is available in radio form (see below). We are reading plays, spending the time doing some deep soul searching into articulating and defining the type of theater we want to be, and missing you like crazy.

We will be back.

We will be stronger for all of this.

We also wanted to shout out our thanks to the Maine Community Foundation for awarding us a great grant this year ...which they are lovingly allowing us to use in 21-22.

And for those of you sitting on buckets of money, we will take your donation. That is never a problem.

We cannot wait to challenge and thrill you again soon. Art is all about showing up and when the time comes we will be ready. Till then...

Stay tuned and stay safe. See you soon!

You Rock,

The Mother audio version

"In trusting, we let ourselves go. We know that all kinds of unexpected events may come our way. Our tension eases, our mind and our hearts open spontaneously to be possibilities. It is an ever new state of mind, in the present moment, because we have detached from all we know. But it is also a feeling as old as can be, because, before all betrayals and all disappointments, there was a time in which trusting another was the very substance of our life."
~ Piero Ferrucci

Keith Powell Beyland, Artistic Director
Meg Anderson, co-president
Sally Wood, co-president
Peter Brown
Marjorie Gallant
Christopher Holt
Casey Turner
Shane Van Vliet
Bess Welden
Marjolaine Whittlesey
Michaela Wirth
Vanessa SW Beyland
Colleen A. Madden

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